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Strategy and Organization

A successful company is made of people to the people. Biovalens believes in this, and these are the pillars that move us:

We Recognize Every Customer as Incomperable

We believe that every customer should be served in a unique way, as we all have specific demands. Therefore, we understand that through a close and constant relationship it’s possible to identify their individualities and needs. The client wants to be recognized and this is what distinguishes us from the rest.

Social, Economic and Environmental Awareness

We believe in a better world for future generations and we contribute to it. Sustainable development is a path taken on a daily basis with mutual respect and awareness that all businesses, communities, people and other beings are integral parts of a single ecosystem. We have strategies and practices that permeate the entire organization and our stakeholders, specifically considering continuous improvement, environmental management based on operational efficiency, fighting climate change and engaging society, always in a transparent and responsible manner.

Valorization of the Human Being

We believe that the valorization of our employees generates results for the Brazilian agriculture. Through trust, recognition, ethics and values, the group invests in people, providing opportunities for growth, contributing to team development and the company’s success.

Innovative Knowledge and Solutions

We believe that high technology brings outstanding results to the field. Highly qualified and constantly searching for new ideas, together with state-of-the-art laboratories, we generate innovative products and solutions with the highest efficiency and effectiveness.

A Collective Effort for Efficiency

We believe that areas of synergy seeking continuous improvement and reduction of costs guarantee the best product and the highest productivity of plants. Operational Excellence is a concept focused on clarity, objectivity and collectivism. Through actions, tools and standardization, the company and employees can achieve maximum efficiency and quality.